Notice of Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads Update

Just before the July Fourth weekend, the AdWords Google+ blog announced that Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) will soon be incorporating improvements to ensure ads are displayed based on more relevant searches. Google states that these improvements will “result in better performance.” But what does this mean? Firstly, let’s look at DSA. With DSA, businesses do not need to pick out keywords. Instead, Google scans your existing website landing pages for their content and wording; and based on these, chooses appropriate keywords automatically. It does this by looking at Google’s own organic search index of your landing pages to determine which searches are likely to be more relevant to your products or services. Hence at first glance it is a service for people who are too busy to determine manually their most relevant key words; however, Google also claims it to be useful to “fill in gaps for keywords that you might have missed manually.” It is also a helpful aid if you manage a website that changes product lines regularly: in such a case, DSA will update the keywords to suit.

Google has not yet told us what the improvements in performance will entail, however they have warned that we may see fluctuations in DSA performance and that clients will need to pay special attention to their search terms report, conversion rates and ROI. In other words, it may be a bumpy ride.

While DSA can give effective results, it should be remembered that DSA is still just an algorithm and that you will get more optimized results and therefore better return on advertising spend (ROAS) if you take advantage of the services of PPC Rainmakers. The team has been together for almost five years and has a combined experience of over 50 years of AdWords optimization and PPC expertise, on multiple platforms and browsers.

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