PPC Expert Believes AdWords 100% Conversion Rate Possible

Rainmaker Demonstrates 100 Per Cent Conversion Rate

By Neil Farquharson

Recently, I had the pleasure of being in the audience during a live presentation by Alex Fender to a gathering of SEO professionals. Although the main theme of Alex’s presentation was how to A/B, split test web landing pages, I was intrigued by a statement he made about Conversion Rates. He said that by optimizing keywords, ads and landing pages in concert, it is possible to increase Conversion Rates to 100%.

I wasn’t the only person to notice this, and the audience asked several questions, prompting Alex to pull up some historical campaign data to prove his assertion. Later, I obtained a recording of his presentation and went back into AdWords to see the data for myself – and it was true.

Consequently, a few days later I invited Alex into our studio to ask him for more detail. I’ve posted that video here. Remember to click on the full-screen icon, and on the gear cog icon to select 1080P.

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