Google AdWords New Click-To-Text Message Extension

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Google AdWords is about to launch a new ad extension that will give you even more opportunities to get more sales this holiday season. The new extension will let you add a text button to your ads with a message inviting them to text your business. An icon will appear next to your ad in Google Search, and when users click on this icon, their phone’s SMS app will automatically launch, giving them a convenient, alternative way to contact your sales team without the necessity of calling.

This is an extremely valuable lead generation source: up until now, the most immediate call-to-action (CTA) response has been Click-To-Call. This is great if the Prospective Customer is on their own and has the time to speak with your sales staff. What happens if they’re out with the kids, or shopping with their friends, or spouse? Even with the ubiquitous use of smartphones, it is still considered bad manners to ignore friends and family to make a telephone call. If the Prospect leaves the call till later, your opportunity is lost and perhaps the Prospect will forget to call. Now, with Click-To-Text, the Prospect can click on your ad, and take just a moment to send your business an SMS. You will have real-time capture the lead, and can respond immediately, then letting the Prospect communicate with you during short, appropriate moments, without him or her risking threats of divorce, or losing track of a child in the mall.

The extensions can be programmed to display during particular times of the day, say when you have a sales person ready for an immediate response. Alternatively, you’ll be able to set up automated responses, out of business hours, thus capturing the lead and promising to have a human person respond ASAP.

According to a study published in July, of mobile shoppers searching on Google, more than three quarters of shoppers have changed their minds about which retailer or brand to purchase. This provides an enormous opportunity for you to gain net-new Customers, provided your campaigns are set up to maximize the ease with which these Prospects can contact you.

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