Facebook Profits Surge On Advertising

Facebook Advertising Is Effective Complement To PPC Says AdWords and SEM Expert

Mark Zuckerberg is very pleased with what he calls “another good quarter.” For the sixth quarter in a row, Facebook surpassed even the most optimistic earnings predictions of the industry analysts. Nevertheless, overnight Facebook shares dropped by 7%. Why?

It’s because advertisers have been “discovering” that Facebook is a very effective complement to more – dare I say it – traditional forms of PPC advertising. It is complementary, not just in raising brand awareness and driving sales in it’s own right, but also as assists (Assisted Conversions). Typically a person is not on Facebook to do research about a product or service, but instead he or she is more likely to be looking at photos of friends and family, and chatting with them. When creating a Facebook ad, we need to understand the audience, their interests and what constitutes an effective call-to-action over such a channel. Facebook has an advantage over some PPC mediums (but not Google AdWords) in that it has access to valuable customer demographics such as location, gender, marital status, interests, and the people they are connected to. Consequently Facebook has a different charging structure compared to PPC advertising. For example, users can see your ad, share your ad, like, comment and so-on without actually clicking through to your web landing page, or ever converting to become a customer.

However, those in the know have been discovering the soft-sell that is Facebook, and it has been paying off for them. According to Alex Fender, search engine marketing guru at The Rainmakers Agency, “Facebook is an excellent channel for placing relevant, highly targeted information in front of people at a time it is of interest to them, but without the in-your-face feeling of interruption associated with some other channels.” This is why the digital marketing experts at PPC Rainmakers have been managing clients’ Facebook ads  – as one of several channels – for many years.

However, Mark Zuckerberg and his team cannot have missed the many studies that indicate that more than half of all Facebook users believe “sponsored posts, brand pages and ads have become too intrusive.” And this may well have factored in to his statement yesterday that he anticipates a reduction in the number of ads as he tries to find the right balance between revenues and consumer acceptance. For advertisers like us, we should see this as a positive, because as the number of ads goes down, the effectiveness of each ad has the potential to go up – provided we optimize our whole SEM process to maximize both the relevancy and acceptance by our target audiences, and the placement/ad copy/web landing page sequences that lead to higher conversion rates.

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