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PPC Experts for Medical and Health: Increase your SEO and Conversions

Medical and health providers – covered entities and their business associates – need to attract sufficient numbers of paying clients to stay in businesses and grow. After referrals, the most cost-effective way to win new business is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the major web platforms such as GoogleYahooBingFacebook, and so on. When prospective clients search for your service, which businesses are they most likely to call? The ones near the top of Page One of their search results of course. And which businesses are on Page One? The ones that have been optimized to be found by the search terms – the keywords – that customers use the most.

But do you know how these advertising platforms work? Should you just throw money at PPC advertising, paying more to get on Page One of the search results? The answer is an emphatic no! GoogleYahooBingFacebook and Twitter all have computer algorithms that judge the relevance of your PPC advertisements and the relevance of your web landing pages. If these are not optimized with the search terms, not only will you be paying exorbitant prices for your ads, but also your rankings will drop – meaning your ads will be on Page Two or worse. PPC Rainmakers are experts at PPC optimization for medical and health businesses: getting you on Page One of the search results for your target regions. For more on our PPC Experts services, click here.

But there is more to this than just online optimization. These days, people don’t just look you up on their computer or laptop, they look you up on their smartphone. This means that you need to have ads specifically designed to display well on mobile, to be easily read on mobile, to be compelling, and – most importantly – to provide the button feature that allows the customer to call you directly from your ad. We at PPC Rainmakers will make this happen for you.

In your competitive market of health and medical services, advertising is a significant expense, so you need to have yours optimized. Not many people can optimize effectively – that is, to give you significant returns on your advertising dollars  –  so you’ll want to engage an expert. An expert who is a Premier Google Partner, an expert in PPC optimization with a proven track record of superior results. PPC Rainmakers has such a proven track record. This record is verifiable through client testimonials and actual campaign records. In business for over five years, the staff at PPC Rainmakers has a combined experience of over 50 years of PPC management, SEO, analytics and get the best Conversion Rates on multiple advertising media: GoogleYahoo,BingFacebookTwitterYouTube and more.

We will get your health or medical business the best bang-for-your-buck. Read more here.

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