Managing Google Adwords Yourself vs Hiring a PPC Expert for Management

Your time but you keep your money vs their time and pay for management

Managing Adwords PPC campaigns at a professional level is hard stuff.  Managing and growing a business is even more difficult.  There are some crazy entrepreneurs out there who think managing Adwords themselves is more cost effective than hiring a ppc expert.

Here are some snap shots that show what happened when the business owner fired themselves as the ppc manager and then hired an Adwords Certified Partner to manage the ppc campaigns.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

Look what happened with this business owner when they managed, then hired certified experts, then took back over control, and finally permanently fired themselves from managing the ppc campaigns.

The most common failure that a business owner makes in business is not fully knowing their numbers.

This is true in marketing numbers, sales numbers, operational numbers and financial numbers.  With PPC, there are about 50 really important numbers you must know to execute at a high level. When you combine that with over 20,000 metrics trackable in analytics, in addition to sales numbers, you begin to have information overload.

Simply stated, you just don’t know what you do not know.

You can not manage what you do not measure. To measure correctly, you must have the correct tools and have the knowledge of how and what to measure.

With Pay per click, managing the campaigns by yourself is a penny wise and a pound foolish and your analytics will prove it!