Google AdWords Retiring the Converted Clicks Metric

Converted Clicks Will Disappear on September 21st

By Neil Farquharson

There’s been a lot happening around Google AdWords recently, especially around mobile. For example, you may remember that last week I wrote about Google Accelerated Mobile Pages here.

With all the new exciting functionalities being added, many media outlets missed this week’s announcement that the Converted Clicks metric is to be retired in September. Converted Click measures any action taken on your site after an ad click, whereas the Conversions metric measures clicks that lead to a prospective customer completing specific actions that you desire: ones that indicate a willingness to buy.

Here at PPC Rainmakers, we use the Conversions metric as our primary data point for reporting and bidding, though for many clients we are increasingly using Cross-Device Conversions too. I shall be writing about Cross-Device Conversions next month.

Alex Fender, President and Founder of PPC Rainmakers, told me, “There are now only a couple of our clients who still include the Converted Clicks metric in their reporting. We will be speaking with them over the next few days to give them not only guidance on this metric, but also advice on new options that will increase their leads and sales.”

Any clients who would like to know more about the retirement of the Converted Clicks metric should give us a call and make an appointment to speak with an AdWords Expert:
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