Audience Lists Now Offered At AdWords Campaign Level

Up until now, applying audience lists such as those generated through remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and Customer Match had to be done for every single ad group. For campaigns with many ad groups, the set-up has been very time consuming. Now, for December, AdWords has given users the ability to apply audience lists at the campaign level.

The audience lists functionality is accessed in the usual way, as shown in this screenshot:

However, the new functionality appears in a drop down box, as shown in the following screenshot:

Not only is the set-up process  faster, it is now be possible to optimize bid adjustments at the campaign level. According to Google, “Instead of trying to change your bid adjustments for each individual ad group, you can confidently optimize at the campaign level where you’re more likely to have enough data to make an informed decision.”

We at PPC Rainmakers are already using this new time-saving functionality.

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