Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising Continues to Evolve

2016 Saw Major Changes In AdWords, Bing and Social Media Advertising

The pay-per-click (PPC) industry seems to be changing all the time. Just last week we learned of Google AdWords’ addition of Automatic Call Extensions. In 2016 there were so many things happened that you may have missed some, so I’ve picked a few highlights.

February: the look of the Google Search results page changed. Remember all the ads that used to be down the right side? They moved, now only to appear at the top and bottom of the page.

June: Device Level Bidding was changed for the better. Instead of lumping desktops and tablets together and requiring a bid adjustment for mobile, from June, any of the three devices could be chosen for the base bid.

July: for the first time, ordinary mortals were allowed to apply for the coveted Twitter Check Mark. Previously, it had been reserved for famous personalities – to prove the Tweeter was the real Rianna, or the real Donald Trump.

September: AdWords gave us the options to include Age and Gender demographics within Search. AdWords still maintained consumers’ anonymity, but allowed us to target, say, women only for some products; and older people for, say, lower cost, lower risk car insurance.

In the late Fall, we saw the roll-out of AdWords Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). And at the same time, Microsoft’s Bing also introduced ETAs. The difference between AdWords and Bing’s ETA is that with AdWords the non-expanded format will end on January 31st, whereas with Bing, we’ll have the choice between both formats for the foreseeable future.

October: AdWords introduced the Click-To-Text message extension.

November: AdWords introduced the Swipeable Price Extension carousel effect for smart phones.

There was a great deal more happened last year, all proving that the pay-per-click environment is very dynamic, thus agencies need to be constantly watching to make sure their clients’ marketing remains compelling and competitive.

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