AdWords Testing Swipeable Carousel-Style Price Extensions

AdWords Brings Ad Text Scroller To Mobile Price Extensions

You may remember back in the summer, AdWords introduced price extensions: additional information is shown below mobile text ads, thus showcasing several services or products, and how much they cost. See the image below.

Now Google has announced that it is going a step further and is testing what AdWords calls “swipeable price extensions.” The concept utilizes the familiar carousel-style display common on web pages, where the reader can swipe left to right or right to left through a number of images or cards to get to the specific topic or product of interest. The effect is like revolving a carousel until what you want is facing you. For the test, AdWords has up to eight cards, so if you look at the haircuts example at the top of this page, you can imaging scrolling the two visible ads to the left to show up to six more ads.

Google says that so far, “the interactive format and additional cards have helped advertisers drive more qualified clicks and better ad performance.” And, as is normal, there will be no extra charge for the functionality: we’ll still only be charged for clicks to our web landing pages. Also, mobile price extensions can co-trigger and be used effectively in combination with other ad formats. For example, if you’re already using other ad extensions to help drive customers to your business, you might create a price extension for your most popular services

In addition to English, the service will be available in ten other languages. Once available on your AdWords account, you’ll be able to schedule, and report on price extensions from the Ad extensions tab – and add them at the account, campaign, or ad group level. It’s anticipated that most of us should receive this functionality by the end of the year.

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