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Craig Shinn | Adwords Optimizations & Best Practices

Adwords Optimizations & Best Practices Craig Shinn is a Google Certified Search Advertising Consultant and USMC Veteran. He has seen war first hand and now fights in the trench battles of the Adwords daily bidding wars. He share some best practice and Adwords optimization advice to better manage your PPC campaigns.

Google Engage All-Stars Winners 2013

Its all we have time to post right now, but we are grand prize winners in the 2013 Google Engage All-Stars Competition. In April, Google invited a limited number of PPC Marketing Agencies to the competition. We are one of the few grand prize winners and Google Letter Jacket winners.

Welcome to the Ribbon Cutting

On June 16th, 2013 Funnel Science is officially launching our newest brand: Funnel Science has been providing exclusive marketing support for Brands and Agencies since 2011. Over the last couple of years, for every 1 business that Funnel Science has accepted, they turned down at least 25 others because they were not qualified. The launch of …

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