Does Google Adwords Advertising Work?

Unequivocally Yes!

This is a Google Analytics snapshot of a business that started operations in 2013 and has a Google AdWords ppc strategy that drives more than 50% of the online sales.

There are two ways that you will get an ROI from Google, the first is ROI on learning and the 2nd is ROI on your dollars. AdWords is Googles online ads that show up next to search results, banner ads all over the net, video ads (YouTube video ads) and those ads that follow your customers around the internet, called remarketing ads.

If you have ever heard someone say, “we have already made every mistake” or “if I had only known that sooner”? That is the value of learning, if you have the knowledge, you can create opportunities and you can also avoid costly mistakes. That’s what we mean by learning ROI. Also known as “optimization.” Its the knowledge about your customers and business learned from the search data and the customer behaviors shown in your analytics reports.

Improving Conversion Rate
Improves Customer Acquisition Costs

In the above example, conversions represent transactions.

Google Analytics on top of the page shows the average order is $104.52

On Adwords Cost/Conversion i.e customer acquisition cost is $17.88

Google Adwords will increase the value of your business by:

  1. Increasing traffic to your website
  2. Market research data about customers that helps build predictable sales funnels
  3. The potential to acquire new customers
  4. A/b testing to improve landing pages and conversion rates
  5. Test new market

Unlink a billboard sign or an ad in print, Google has tremendous amounts of data on what your customers are doing online. Imagine being able to setup campaigns that just target customers! Thats is what Google AdWords has the ability to do for your business. There are 5 different Google Ads campaign strategies to target B2B, B2c, and B2G customers.

How does it work?

It’s really pretty simple. Ask yourself this one question. Where do you go for information?

According to Internet World Stats, in 2015 86.9% of North America uses the internet. AdWords is all over the internet and tied into Google search. Google Search makes up 64.5% of all search traffic according to comScore’s March 2015 Desktop Search Rankings Report.

There are also reason’s why Google Adwords Doesn’t Work to grow your business. Their is a reason however that Google generates 100 Million dollars everyday off of Google AdWords. Thats because most businesses have figured out how to optimize their AdWords campaigns to build a profitable ppc business strategy.