How to become an expert on Google Adwords pay per click advertising

How To Become An AdWords Expert

Have you noticed how many people claim to be experts in the field of digital marketing?

Have you ever questioned their authenticity and wondered what it took to become an expert in Google Adwords?

In fact, most of our clients have hired and fired two to three marketing agencies who claimed to be “PPC Experts”. So what is the difference between and AdWords Specialist vs PPC consultant vs AdWords expert?

This is how an AdWords Expert resume reads “professional experience with modeling and analysis, statistics, machine learning, and large-scale data mining of Google Adwords, Analytics, CRM & ERP data sets. I bring deep experience in the data science methodology from exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, model selection, deployment of the model at scale and model evaluation by using A/B or multi-variate testing.

Experience with multiple supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, such as regression, naïve bayes, decision trees, k-means clustering, pattern recognition and principal component analysis.” Want to read more, click here

Many clients ask what it takes to become an Google Adwords Expert and the level of training and industry experience we have. To become an expert in any field, you first must have mastered the subject matter and is estimated to take 10,000 hours of work before that can be achieved.

I have been using the internet and online advertising since 2001 to sell products and services for my own businesses. With Google Adwords, I have made millions for my own businesses and speak from first hand knowledge of what it takes to build ppc campaigns that generate ROI.

Adwords mastery is difficult to achieve because Google averages 1,000 changes per year as they continuously evolve their advertising platform. The key to success is the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and then mastery.

Some say that it takes 10,000 hours, minimum of 5 years full time of work once you have achieved mastery level. That means certifications, and with Google you must re-certify every 12 and 18 months. That means you are tested and completing certifications over and over. When I look back and think about all the shit that Google has put me through, I first spent 4 years using AdWords as a business owner. The last 6 years as an AdWords consultant, trainer and leader of a ppc agency. Passing all of the AdWords certifications is extremely difficult.

An Expert Coach/Mentor/Teacher

Another way people master a skill set is when you are able to train, a trainer.

People that you have trained that have gone on to become Certified demonstrates your working knowledge and ability to leverage your knowledge and transfer it to another.  Experts are able to repeat results. Consultants can make something repeatable by themselves. Experts are able to train others and make something repeatable without them.

Finally, a track record of results. Results are simple to track in business; sales, revenue, profit and profit margin are the first numbers to know.


Conversion Rate

Click through rate

Keyword Strategies

The number of consultations that lead to positive outcome and an improvement to the overall return on investment or increase in conversion rate.

Industries served. Experience and times that have repeated an outcome.  That is the difference between an Adwords Consultant and an Adwords Expert.