Does AdWords Work?

Are you asking the question “Does AdWords work?”

If you are asking this question, it means that you do not know how powerful AdWords advertising is at growing companies.

If you are in the U.S., then AdWords is the most powerful advertising tool to get customers. Facebook is awesome for B2C companies and sometimes B2b. AdWords and Facebook are the 2 best Ad platforms that generate the most sales. AdWords works great because it provides you the data on exactly what your potential customers want. If you know how to analyze marketing and sales data, you can build a sales funnel that generates sales literally everyday.

What Happens If You Cant Make Sales with AdWords?

If your company can not make sales through AdWords, it means you suck or a critical part of your business sucks. If your customers are clicking on your ads and not buying, it means you have bad quality, sucky web traffic or your product/service is not a good offering and sucks compared to the companies that are on top!

If AdWords is not getting you opportunities and sales daily – you are not setup and running your AdWords or business the right way. It literally means your competitors are beating you and your company sucks compared to your competitors. AdWords works, it generates sales for almost every industry, except for those that are prohibited from the ad platform.  AdWords is a popularity contest of the best companies; best does not mean most popular but often times in business the best companies are well known. To show up on top and get sales, all day, everyday – you have to be comparable to the best. Or at least look the part, even if you are not an award winning company.

AdWords even generates sales for shitty companies that look good and have a good sales process. Just because you have the best product, does not mean that it will sell itself. AdWords is a system hooked up to your website, phone, email and sales technologies. If those systems are not hooked up correctly, you could be getting sales but your funnel has leakage caused by the technology your business uses. One example of how to suck at AdWords is route calls to the business owners cell phone  to answer customer calls.

If you can’t get AdWords to work, you need to take a good hard look at all of the ways that you suck and how your competitors are beating you. Start with campaign settings and check the location of your visitors. Then check the keywords and make sure they have clear intent to purchase. If settings and keywords are correct, the next place to review is the Ad Copy. Then review the relevancy between the keyword, ad and landing page. Those 3 things should match up exactly to what your customer wants. If they match and you are getting conversions, then should be getting sales.

If you are getting conversions but no sales

Lots of companies face the problem of generating conversions and leads but can not get those prospective customers to convert into sales. This is a common problem with AdWords bringing in poor quality leads and sales. If you are getting conversions, but not that many qualified conversions from AdWords, you must perform qualitative data analysis on your marketing and sales funnel.