5 Common Reasons Your Not Getting Leads From AdWords

Did you know that Google makes over $100 million per day with AdWords PPC! If you are not getting leads from AdWords, there is something wrong!

If they make that much per day, then AdWords must be effective to generate that type of revenue from the online ads. So its you and not them. There is a reason why you are not getting any leads from AdWords and I will address the 5 most common reasons:

  1. Your website sucks.
  2.  Your company sucks at answering the phone and your are losing leads constantly and you just don’t know it. typically this is caused when a small business routes their leads to a mobile number. But I have seen many large companies place a phone number on their website and routed calls to desk that was empty.You need to be measuring how many calls are getting answered, how many are missed, how many total calls per day, how many calls came from each campaign, lead quality, cost per lead, cost per call, cost per customer acquisition. If you are not getting through your phone, there is something wrong. You should expect to get phone leads every day that your ads are running. If you have a daily budget of $50 or more, you should expect many calls per day. If you have a daily budget of more than $500 – expect 50 to 200 calls per day!
  3. This is really the most common reason, but Im ranking at #3.  Your ads are showing up all over the world and you don’t even know it. TO see if this is happening, go to the Dimensions Tab and click down to the user locations reports.
  4. Your website, server, email, hosting and/or spam filters – somewhere in your “stack” or all of these combined cause major holes in sales funnels preventing you from getting leads. Often times if you were getting leads before but then everything dried up, there is a technology barrier that is preventing the leads. I would recommend solving this problem by first putting your customer hate on and try to buy from your own company. See what happens when you go through and call your own sales team or fill out the web form and wait for a call back.
  5. AdWords is sucking your budget dry because of either irrelevant clicks or click fraud. Ultimately your traffic quality is really poor and you are not getting any leads because competitors are clicking on your ads or people that have no intent to purchase from you are clicking on your ads. It is really important to use machine learning technology to help combat fraud and wasted spending.

AdWords should not feel like gambling

You should be able to prove out your customer acquisition cost on a small scale. Then come up with new campaign strategies to scale leads at a good cost per lead and at a good sales closing ratio.