Stop drinking Google Kool-aid

Our founder Alex is known for saying “Stop drinking the Google kool-aid.”


Google is giving this account grads of A’s and B’s yet all but 1 campaign has really bad return and the account average sucks.

How significant do you think your Google Optimization score is to ROI or Return on Ad Spend?


Yesterday we got a call from a business that was getting really bad results from their Google marketing and wanted to know why. So they reached out for an assessment.


Just a few months ago they had a 5 to 1 ROI and now they were down under 2.


Only 1 campaign, the branded campaign actually had a good Return, but that was very company branded terms. So it wasn’t new customers, it was paying to for their name to advertise towards the same customers they already had in their email list.


After working with Google for more than 15 years and 1,000’s of accounts, I can say without a doubt, if “Google Recommended” setting or strategy, it will probably make Google richer and you poorer.


Why do people optimize to a score instead of optimize ROI?