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Most HVAC and plumbing contractors already know the importance of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. No-one uses yellow pages anymore: instead they search on Google or Bing to find a local contractor. And who will they call first? The guy in the Top Slot, the business that has been optimized to be found by the search terms, the keywords that customers most use. But do you know how these advertising platforms work? Google, Yahoo, BingFacebook and Twitter all have computer algorithms that judge the relevance of your PPC advertisements and the relevance of your web landing pages, and if they are not optimized with the search terms, not only will your PPC costs go up, but also your ranking will drop – no Top Slot for you. PPC Rainmakers have already put several HVAC and plumbers in the Top Slot or Page 1 of the search results for their local service areas. Here are just a few of the activities our PPC experts specialize in:

But there is more to this than just online optimization. Your ads need to be optimized for mobile. These days people don’t just look you up on their computer or laptop, they look you up on their phone. This means that you need to have ads specifically designed to display well on mobile, to be easily read on mobile, to be compelling, and – most importantly – to provide the button feature that allows the customer to call you directly from your ad. We at PPC Rainmakers will make this happen for you.

In the competitive market of HVAC services, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is by far the best way to maximize your return on marketing spend. Advertising is a significant expense, so you need to have yours optimized. Not many people can optimize

effectively – that is, to give you significant returns on that investment (ROI) –  so you’ll want engage an expert. An expert who is a Premier Google Partner, an expert in PPC optimization with a proven track record of superior results. PPC Rainmakers has such a proven track record. It is verifiable through client testimonials and actual campaign records. In business for over five years, the staff at PPC Rainmakers has a combined experience of over 50 years of PPC management, analytics and optimization on the multiple advertising media mentioned above.

We will get your HVAC or plumbing business the best bang-for-your-buck by identifying the keywords, ads and landing pages that, when optimized, bring in the highest ratio of high value customers.  We’ll find your optimal keywords and your ideal ad copy, and we’ll guide you to creating the most relevant website landing pages, pages that will increase your Quality Scores; not only decreasing the bid prices you have to pay for your adverts, but also increasing your conversion rates – the ratio of people who see your ad and then call to make a booking.

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